Wednesday, 11 July 2012


At 1.31am on the morning of July 9th i awoke to a huge contraction which proceded to more and more...Yip labor had started!

I took a bath, contractions still coming, 2mins apart lasting 2mins.

We rang our backup midwife and she came to check how i was doing.

She arrived at 3am and i was 3-4cms dialated with contractions getting stronger, longer and my beautiful children waking to share in the excitement.

By 6am we had arrived at Rotorua hospital and labor was in full swing....

Everything went perfectly, from my handling the ever growing contractions with a smile each time, the babys heartbeat was just PERFECT and the midwife i had looking after me was an absolute God send!

At 9.28am into absolute peacefullness and completley naturally into water i gave birth, against all odds, to a healthy and beautiful wee girl...


Indee Elizabeth McCarthy

We are both doing amazingly well and loving this precious time together. I will post lots of pics and my birth story soon xx


  1. !!!! YOU DID IT!!!

    I am so happy for you! YAY! YAYAYYAYAYAYYAAYY!Y!!!!!!!!

  2. :) Congratulations to you and your family!!!!! So so so so so so sosososo Happy for all of you!!! You did it!!! :)