Saturday, 24 March 2012

The NZ papers headline today

This morning i was awoken by a text from my husband. He'd got to work and read the headline of the NZ sunday paper, the herald.... Mother grieves lost baby.

Heres the article link:

So let me just point out, im also 22, i also have had 2 previous csers. Now im freaking!! Well not freaking but im left wondering what went wrong here. In my head i have everything planned out, what happens when i go into labor, how i will manage certain situations etc etc. But im left thinking that at the end of the day you can sometimes never plan things they just happen. I can do all the research and have all the support i need but at the end of the day my uterus may just rupture. I guess im saying i could plan the party food, decorate the area and have the lawns and gardens looking immaculate but at the end of the day it still may rain.

Im reading and re-reading through this article. So she presented via ambulance at 1am a few days shy of her due date, booked in for a cser a few days later. She had severe pain and was told she could have pulled a muscle. I had my 2nd baby at the same hospital, middle more and im guessing she was placed in a room on ctg monitors and having no midwife was probably not checked properly. Im also guessing they had done no ultrasound and there was no follow up on her medical history notes. Personally i know that rupture can just happen but surely a woman who has had 2 previous csers and presents in ED with pain locating from that area would be placed on high alert and the doctors and nurses following this case would have been extra careful with monitoring her.

In my case, i have sooo many doctors and OB's constantly on my back, ringing me for extra specialist appointments etc that i cant imagne a woman would be left like this. If she was freaking out about her cser being booked so close to her due date and freaked out about the pain then why would she not have insisted on an ultrasound or something?!

What are your thoughts? Id love to hear. I guess its a bit of a blow and makes it hard to tell and explain to people how safe my plans are but yes at the end of the day, it can just happen. Things do go wrong and although the ceserean rate in NZ is above 30% and most arent necessery, there is that small percent that definatley is.

My heart goes out to the familt mentioned in the article xx

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  1. Don't worry about it (followed your link from the leaky b@@b)

    Even ACOG says its safe and we all know they're a bunch of alarmists.