Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hello world, this is ME!

Hello world, welcome to my blog. This is new and exciting for me...a bit like the tiny life thats growing inside me! This blog is about me needing to share and sometimes vent but honestly, the most important part of this blog is to share with the world the natural beauty and joy of...wait im gunna say it VAGINAL BIRTH!

Im Larissa, 22, living in little old New Zealand with my amazing husband..lets call him DH (darling husband). And of course my 2 gremlin angels Lachlan whos 4 and Rose 20 months.

My first child, Lachlan was born December 25th 2007 via crash cser at Waikato hospital in Hamilton. My second, Rose also by cser on May 18th 2010 at Middlemore in Manukau. More on this later......

From the time i became pregnant with my first at age 17 i believed natural VAGINAL birth was the way people gave birth to babys. Infact i dont even think i knew of anyone who had had a cser. Birth to me was not a medical problem but definatley something that belonged in a hospital and involved doctors, nurses and yip even interventions. As my pregnancy progressed i brought every second hand book i could find and watched beautiful, calm birth videos. I saw my midwife regulary and at every chat i would ask about things that could/may go wrong and the answers i got were dont worry aout that, that wont happen and lets deal with it if it happens. At 17 how could i question anyone whos studied and knows all this stuff. Im a good girl and its not my place to question what these health professionals tell me or say to me....

Guess what, i now know that YOU HAVE TO question and demand answers to what you dont know and what you arent sure about. It doesnt matter who your talking to or what about!

My 2nd pregnancy was much the same. This time i went to antenatal (birthing classes) classes and they were hopeless. We were the only couple who werent finding out what we were having and aside from a 40yr old couple who didnt want or plan for kids, we were the only couple who werent 15 with half a brain. (Not knocking all 15yr old mummys though, some of you are AMAZING!) And hello ended up with another cser. I loved how this time though they labelled it as an "elective emergency cser" ...(Note the ultimate sarcasm!!)

This time around....Ive birthed 2 babies...Ive been through PND (PPD) and PTSD...Ive seen the wrong and horrifying situations laboring women are put in, the things that are done to them without consent, the lies told by people in positions of trust and power...Ive been a BIRTH RAPE SURVIVOR too long and now im thinking of me! F**K what that doctor down the road tells me and what that chick who had a perfect VAGINAL birth thinks. Infact the only person that truely matters here is me. And what i say goes.

I am a woman. I was made to concieve babies, grow them in MY body and give them life by birthing them from MY yip you guessed it again...MY VAGINA!!

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