Friday, 13 January 2012

The ignorance of some people....

First of all, through sharing this blog on facebook and with people i know over 100 of you have read it. The majority of you have all given me your full support and are shocked at what ive been through, wishing me luck and giving me congratulations on this next pregnancy. I sincerley appreciate all of your support and will be leaning on it alot, over the next 6 months.

However on a different note im finding alot of you getting negative and shouting at me how wreckless and terrible i am for wanting a "stupid natural birth whilst putting my babys life at risk."
It doesnt matter how many times i hear this, with each comment like it, it truely cuts me to the core. Most of these comments are coming from women who have had csers they believe saved their babies lives. Im not saying they are wrong but id love to know what led them to the point of a cser, what happened in the duration of her pregnancy and/or labor that led them to a cser. At the time when the doctor said "we need to give you a cser", did the women question the doctor and ask for another opinion or was his reply, your baby could die. Im not saying he was wrong but how do you know if you dont take 1 minute to know the true reality of the situation.

Let me first just say that i HAVE been there, i know how terrifying being put in that situation is. You've all read my birth rape stories. When your in labor and a doctor says to you, your baby will die if we dont give you a cser now, what mother would'nt say ok do it now.  I GET THAT! Im not saying that you were wrong in that moment for consenting....

The point im trying to get you all to understand is what led you to that point. What intervention, what "procedure" led you there. Were you induced, pitocin used, pain relief, drugs, lying on your back, continiously monitored, getting stressed out, not being heard or understood, feeling alone and scared.....What led you to that point?? Something did.

Here is a perfect example of where modern technology can work against a woman and lead to yet more unnesecary interventions, this infact is one of them to start with...
Continuious fetal monitoring (ctg, efm)
-Staff are more aware of any small changes and may therefore be more likely to intervene rather then letting labor take its natural course.
-Babies who are electronically monitored are 3 times more likely to be delivered by caeserean section.
-EFM increases the electronic paraphernalia in the room.
-Staff are tempted and more likely to concentrate on the machine rather then the woman in labor.
-EFM restricts movement, thus slowing down the labor and making FETAL DISTRESS more likely.
-Attaching the internal electrode bruises and hurts the babies head.

What more is there to say...Women need to research and realise that yes, in emergency situations caesareans can and do save lives. There are however HUGE risks with such a serious and major operation including maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality, hysterectomy, cutting other organs and damaging them, cutting the baby with the scalpel, having dates mixed up and having a premmature baby, severe infection, severe bleeding, futrue complications for futher pregnancies....the list goes on!!

I would personally deliever naturally a baby with a shoulder dystocia or a baby who's has a moment of foetal distress that has been handled, then have my body cut and torn open and my baby ripped from it then taken away from me. The risks of those 2 things happening and being dealt with naturally are nothing compared to the risks of a caesarean. A baby who has previously had moments os foetal distress or something else happen is going to be safer taking the journey down the birth canal and into the world through my VAGINA rather then ripped and pulled and forced from my body! Whos to say that that moment of distress wasnt because you as an interfering and controlling nurse stressed me out first which into replayed through my babys heart. Or whats to say that the same moment of distress wasnt distress at all, you as a nurse misread what the machine was telling you and it was simply my babys heart taking the natural decelarations and increases that happen when my uterus contracts?!!

I could honestly post all day and night about all of this but the fact remains the same, we should never go into a pregnancy and labor without having done our own research and realising the risks of caesarean birth verse natural birth and the things that go wrong inbetween. Realising that something like foetal distress and shoulder dystocia and soo many (most) other problems that occur during labor can and ARE fixed naturally and by such simple means as rolling on to your side, breathing differently, getting into another position even TELLING THE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE YOU ALONE SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON BIRTHING YOUR BABY YOUR WAY!!!

Why would you risk an unnesecary major surgery when you could just roll over or stand up.

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    What a great post and truly correct on your points. Vaginal birth is THE BEST way to birth. It should be the only way women can birth, with the exception of a TRUE EMERGENCY. Which is hardly ever.