Friday, 8 June 2012

37 weeks!!

Today i hit the 37 week mark which is a huge accomplishment for me as my last pregnancy only got to number 35! However as i say that im sitting here, tired after spending the last 2days with a grinding period type pain in my back and lower tummy. Ive been getting some wicked tummy 'tightenings' and my vagina feels...well...strange! Yesterday arvo things died down a little bit and it was enough for hubby and I to have some fun getting messy with a belly casting kit. That was the plan however i got agitated with him, he got grumpy with doing it, we made a HUGE mess everywhere and ended up in an arguement :/
Not the fun time we had planned. However we got over it all pretty fast and are both pretty stoked with the result and would definatley recommend everyone giving it a go!!

I showered, went to bed and expected to wake up midnight-ish with really strong contractions and everything to be in full swing. It didnt...feeling a tad discouraged as i slept in till 8.30am and although that lovley grinding period type pain is there aswell as the regular tightenings etc i was expecting more!

I must say though that im clearly reminded this time that the way things are progressing now are almost exactly the same as my first labor with my son. I spent 2 nights in a row unable to sleep due to period type pain, mostly in my back and lower tummy, on the second day i was at the hospital for assesment for induction (i was 12days "overdue"), and i walked in with just these pains and hello i was 6cms dialated. None of these regular increasing in length and pain contractions people talk about! It wasnt untill they "accidentally" broke my waters that i started getting anything like a contraction and even then there was not like a break between them at all, they just rolled into one.

So what am i thinking now...In the back of my mind i am positive and trying to just go with the flow, things will happen in their own time, at their own pace and this little baby will come when he or she is ready.............
However i will admit, i am beginning to feel slightly discouraged with everything. This is almost what happened with my second labor which ended in a ceserean. Im a little worried that my cervix wont be doing anything, ill be hospitilized for failure to progress, my waters will break naturally and ill be given the option of cser or waiting another day. I want to ring my midwife and have a bit of a chat about things but then i kind of feel like a dick cuse probly nothing is happening and ill keep going like this for weeks!

Who knows. If only it were an exact science...but then i guess it wouldnt be the miracle it truly is :)

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  1. Oh sweetie! As I was reading this, all I could think was "Holy cow, she is slowly going into labor!!" ... your body is slowly prepping you and gearing up for what's about to come... I give it a day or 2 before you are in full blown labor and delivering a healthy baby the way you are dreaming of!!! : ) : )
    I had those cramps throughout the night the night before Truly was born. I woke up and knew something was going on but it didn't seem like this was really it...
    Time passed and within 2 or 3 hours, it was full blown labor and baby was born with just a few pushes as I'm sure you recall!! :)
    Your body is doing what it's made to and you don't even realize the magic behind the curtain... a miracle is taking place and you won't know it until it's happening that you are pushing out a baby! Soon! So so soon!!!
    I'm so excited for you and the family...
    Oh and your belly cast looks amazing!!!! :)